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Chata Romano answers your fashion question

Q: There has been much debate amongst my fashionable friends about the nude shoe this season. Who can wear it? What do you wear it with? What shade works best for your skin tone? Anna – Australia

A: Indeed, this fashionable trend is cause for much debate! My advice is to wear a colour that is similar to your skin tone i.e.: if you are a Soft or Medium (pale and fair to golden skin tone) you don’t want to wear a dark nude shoe; if you are a Deep to Rich (lighter to darker skin tone) you don’t want to wear a light nude shoe. It is a nude shoe so it should tone with the colour of your skin tone. Problem is that, from 5 – 10 metres away, it doesn’t look as though you have shoes on. My suggestion, when wearing a nude shoe, is to wear various tones of clothing colours so as to avoid a one dimensional image.

The answer to this Q&A was provided by Chata Romano

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