Five years, the same hairstyle?
Would you love to look and feel your very best?
Want to know what hairstyle best suits your face shape?
Does your hairdresser give you sound advice?
Want to say goodbye to those bad hair days?

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The perfect hairstyles for your face shape and the best hair, makeup and clothing colours for your skin tone.

Before you cut or colour your hair, you must take the following into consideration: Your skin tone. Your face shape. The proportion of your forehead. The shape of your eyebrows, eyes, nose and ears. The length and width of your neck – and your shoulders. Your hair type and how much time, realistically, you are able to spend on your hair each day. All of these elements are absolutely essential when establishing your best hairstyles and colours.

After your consultation, you will know exactly which hairstyles suit your face shape, and exactly which hair colours suit your skin tone – it is very empowering indeed.

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