Love the holiday, hate the packing?
Wondering what to pack?
Wondering how to pack?
How much of what you pack do you actually wear?

This incredible product has 27 completely different packing capsules showing you what to pack, and how to pack – from business to leisure, summer to winter, 1-day or 3-weeks!

These are the 3 key-questions you need to ask yourself before you pack:

What type of trip am I packing for?
Business, leisure or a combination of business and leisure.

What type of weather am I packing for?
Summer, winter or a combination of summer and winter.

How long am I packing for?
2 days, 1 week or 3 weeks.

Never ask yourself “what am I going to pack?” or say “just in case” again. Excellent value at only R190!

Once you know the answers to these questions you will never again ask yourself ‘what am I going to pack?’ or say ‘just in case’ again.

Excellent value at only R250!

Packing charts are also available for men!

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I, literally, used to pack the kitchen sink and when I arrived at my destination I had nothing to wear. Not anymore – Chata’s packing chart has changed the way I pack forever.” ~ Dottie Anderson

I love the options Chata’s clever packing chart gives me. From summer to winter to everything in-between. My packing process turned from a dreaded nightmare to a fun experience.” ~ Kebo Nguyen

My husband thought I had forgotten the suitcases at home when I got to the car. With Chata’s logical thought-process I only packed one bag. I am (and so is he!) very impressed.” ~ Pat Ho

I love packing now, I have a plan and a system thanks to Chata. And no more shoulder aches from excess baggage. I have a relaxing holiday knowing that I have an outfit for every occasion.” ~ Nikki Taylor

No more just-in-case packing for me. Or for my husband and kids. Chata’s easy to follow what-to-pack and how-to-pack has made every trip a pleasurable experience. Highly recommended!” ~ Jane Hernan

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