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Are your staff feeling motivated and inspired?
Do they project a winning message?
Are they packaged for success?
Is your dress code policy clearly understood?
What does Casual-Friday really mean?

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Chata and her team of certified consultants, professionally and passionately, take to the stage to share their knowledge through inspirational and motivational workshop presentations.​

The success of Chata’s workshops speaks for themselves: 175,000 delegates have been inspired by Chata’s Public Workshops and 500 blue-chip companies have benefited from Chata’s Corporate Confidence Workshops.

The author of five best-selling books, Chata’s expertise, shining track record and personable manner make her a highly respected and sought-after presenter.

Chata’s achievement stems from her dynamic presence, vivacious personality and the ability to reach out to her audience. She is charming, eloquent, and well-presented.

Chata’s workshops are an investment in self-esteem! Dressing well, and projecting a confident image, sends a powerful ​message to the world that you are a polished professional.

Our uplifting workshop content appeals to diverse audiences, across all age groups, genders and ethnicities. ​

Offer your sense of professional style a Chata Romano Workshop and let your wardrobe work for you.

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Chata has acquired more confidence than it takes to run a country. In just 2-hours she convinced me that her workshops are vital enough to rate as compulsory education.” ~ Linda Shaw, Sunday Times Newspaper

The week was a resounding success; we have been inundated with requests for further functions on a regular basis.” ~ Angela Chapman, Standard Bank

Thank you for your valuable participation in our leadership course. It was a privilege to have you explain the importance of the correct corporate message.” ~ Michelle Burgess, Department of Education

Talking to a group of male accountants is not easy under normal circumstances. Your professionalism turned a group of joking men into genuinely interested clients!” ~ Janet Burrage, Andersen Consulting

Fashion Consultant extraordinaire, Chata radiates the confidence that makes her business the success it is. She’s a neatly packaged dynamo of precision dressing.” ~ Mary Jordan, Food & Home Magazine

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