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The Chata Romano Brand

Chata Romano™ is an established and respected brand with a successful track record and stellar reputation spanning 30 years.

Chata is an Image Consultant, Public Speaker, Trainer, Authentic Influencer and Author of five best-selling books.

Chata is also the creator and founding member of Chata Romano™ The Complete Image Solution® and The Chata Romano™ Training Academy.

The Complete Image Solution® is a unique global system that encompasses the individual’s overall image: the best colours for your skin tone, the right styles for your body shape, and how to plan your wardrobe according to your lifestyle.

The Chata Romano™ Training Academy is an image consultant training institute. Chata pioneered the Image Consulting business in South Africa, opening the very first Image Consultancy in 1990 followed by the very first Image Consultant Training Academy in 2000.

Chata personally trains, mentors and markets her network of certified Image Consultants operating in Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE and UK.

Chata’s Image Consultancy proudly empowers women, and men, through Image Consultations, Workshops and the Makeover Experience.

Chata has helped thousands of women take charge of their image, giving them confidence and poise in their personal and professional lives – their inspirational and motivational testimonials stand as testament to the effect that Chata has had on their lives.

175,000 delegates have been inspired to attend Chata’s Public Workshops and 500 blue-chip companies have benefited from Chata’s Corporate Confidence Workshops.

Author of five best-selling books – readers get to experience Chata’s Glamorous Reality® which celebrates style and inspires you to look and feel fabulous!

Chata’s fabulous followers (the charming endearment for her loyal followers) describe her videos as informative, practical, relatable, inspirational, motivational, humorous and fun!

Chata masters the art of sharing fashion, hair and beauty advice in the most down-to-earth and relatable way – you will truly benefit from her knowledge, warmth and wisdom.

Chata regularly appears on TV and radio and contributes numerous articles to leading fashion and beauty magazines. Chata’s objective is to provide you with answers to your questions by using real women to show you how – women to whom you can relate, and about whom you can say: “Yes, I can also look like that!”

Chata was the Winner of the Entrepreneur of the year Award and nominee for the Businesswoman of the Year.

Chata created and owns all her Intellectual Property which is trademarked, copyrighted, protected and trustworthy.

Chata divides her time between Australia, South Africa and the USA.

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