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Chata Romano

President and Creative Director

How you look is how you feel®. These seven remarkable words perfectly describe my philosophy. It is not about aspiring to become someone else, it is how to make the best of yourself. Beauty is not an external phenomenon, it comes from within.

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Corporate and Individual – for women and men
Options: Personal Consultations, Group Consultations, Shopping Appointments, Makeovers and Workshops

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Gauteng, travels to Australia, USA

“Thank you for being the person to ignite the flame that flickers in each of us!” ~ Debbie Wood

"It is so refreshing to finally find someone who finds good in everyone, and if they have faults their self-esteem is not damaged by criticism, because you are constructive." ~ Joanne Kadish

"I have cracked out of my shell and can now walk tall." ~ Susan Dalliah

"Exceeded all my expectations. Chata, you are one of the most vivacious people I have ever met. Thanks!" ~ Annie van Jaarsveld

"I now realize that making the best of what you are is a giant step towards becoming what you would like to be!" ~ Ina Hamilton

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Chata Romano's Makeovers: