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Soft Skin Tone

Lucia had never won anything in her life, so you can just imagine her pure delight when she found out she won a makeover in a Chata Romano competition. Lucia works in a corporate environment and needed to change her overall image to look more professional. She has a Rich skin tone and therefore need to wear some brighter colours. The fuchsia pink jacket she is wearing in the after photograph is the ideal colour for her skin tone. The updated hairstyle and modern makeup makes her look so much more stylish and modern – perfect to make her mark on the corporate ladder.


“Wow, I felt like a movie star for the day – thank you, I promise to maintain this glamorous new look! – Lucia”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Lana from Lunatic Fringe

Makeup Artist Charlie Runge using Clarins

Clothing Woolworths

Photography by Miles Jackson

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