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Soft Skin Tone

Jessica was surprised when we showed her a rail full of slim fitting clothes. Jessica has a long oval face, her long hair making her face look even longer. Her new cropped hairstyle immediately shortened the length of her face to a more classic oval shape. The wispy crop gave her face a much softer frame. Light golden shades of blonde gave Jessica’s Soft skin tone some warmth. Foundation smoothed the skin and disguised imperfections. The most important tip we gave Jessica was to make sure that her clothes fit the widest part of her body. We suggested she buys one size bigger to accommodate her hips, and then take the waist in. Jessica instantly looked one size smaller.


“A brand new stylish, sexy look in just 3-hours, very impressive! – Jessica”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Michael Oran

Makeup Artist Fabienne Zadel using products from Revlon

Clothing from Foschini

Accessories from Edgars

Photography by Calum George

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