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Medium Skin Tone

Experts advise women to lighten their natural hair colour as they get older because it is more flattering to skin tone. We don’t necessarily agree. If you have never coloured your hair before or feel nervous about choosing the right colour, best choose a lighter version of your natural hair colour. Dark, thick eyebrows can look heavy with blonde hair. Shape them into a finer arch, and if they still look too heavy, have them professionally lightened to two shades darker than your hair. If you are blonde, the most flattering eyebrow colour is the same, or one shade darker, than your hair colour. A golden knitted top added radiance, shine and glamour to Sonja’s Medium skin tone.


“I can’t begin to explain how many compliments I receive! – Sonja”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Diane Carrick from Barbarella Hair using Wella

Makeup Artist Lara Whitehead using products from Estée Lauder

Clothing from Queenspark

Photography by Micky Hoyle

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