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Soft Skin Tone

“You are having a blonde moment.” “You are such a blonde.” Sentences – although used in jest – to describe a blonde.  Pamela Anderson once said, “It’s great to be a blonde, with low expectations it’s easy to surprise people.” Marilyn Monroe, one of the world’s most famous blondes, admitted that she played the blonde babe to her advantage. Dolly Parton said she’s not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because “I know I’m not dumb.” With blonde women like Hillary Clinton and Charlize Theron leading the way it’s only a matter of time before people realise never to judge a woman by her hair colour. We were thrilled to showcase Annelie as a stunning blonde : )


“Every woman strives to be beautiful; you help them achieve their realistic goals. – Annelie”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Bernice from Lunatic Fringe using L’Oréal Professionnel’s colour (Blonde Ashen Gold Reflect 7,31) and finishing products from Kérastase

Makeup Artist Charlie Runge using Clarins products

Clothing from Stuttafords

Accessories from Truworths

Photography by Francois Booyens

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