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Medium Skin Tone

Briana was delighted to win a makeover! Her high cheek bones and strong facial features required a textured bob and an asymmetrical fringe. We used fair blonde highlights to create movement in her toffee brown hair. Foundation is the most important component when applying makeup. The correct shade for the skin tone creates the perfect canvas. The outfit provided a great example of the difference that clear colours made when compared to sludgy colours. Off-the-shoulder style tops assist in making your shoulders look wider.


“My makeover changed my life, it gave my confidence a boost and helped me to be more daring with colour and style. – Briana”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Lana from Lunatic Fringe

Makeup Artist Charlie Runge

Clothing Foschini

Accessories Foschini

Photography by Francois Booyens

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