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Medium Skin Tone

Claire was tired of the same look she’d had for several years. Long curly hair is beautiful but it needs to be very well maintained. A shorter bob is much easier to maintain. Layering hair is important, make sure the shortest layer is level with your chin so that your hair frames your face and makes it look thinner. With the correct foundation application you can conceal your ruddy (rosy) skin by toning and blending. Always wear lighter colours on the top half of your body and darker colours on the bottom part of your body to ensure you don’t look top heavy.


“The entire school came to a stand-still, my pupils couldn’t believe they were looking at the same teacher – thank you for transforming me! – Claire”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Diane Carrick from Barbarella Hair using Wella

Makeup Artist Lara Whitehead using products from Elizabeth Arden

Clothing from Truworths

Accessories from Woolworths

Photography by Ian Reeves

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