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Pia’s sparkly personality was the inspiration behind her new look. Her gorgeous blue eyes opened wide at the thought of becoming a red-head but she bravely said ‘yes’ and the glamorous and gorgeous end-result speaks for itself. Pia has the tendency to blush easily so we chose a cool mahogany red hair colour, not a warmer copper. Her traditional solid fringe and bob was updated with a feathered side fringe and a textured shorter style. Her foundation was matched perfectly and a stunning top with equally stunning earrings complemented the makeover.

“To get the best result one must be open to a change – my new hair style and hair colour changed my whole reflexion! I would recommend it; the result is the best recommendation – knowing someone who personally had a makeover proves that the after pictures are not the result of photoshopping.” – Pia

Skin Tone: Soft