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Deep Skin Tone

Brenda was the lucky winner of the Who’s Who Southern Africa makeover co-ordinated by Atmosphere PR. Brenda’s day of pamper started with a layered bob and soft side fringe. We pre-treated Brenda’s hair before the colour, and then used a chocolate brown base with violet and red low lights. The stunning gold necklace brings a modern, simple finish to Brenda’s new look. One-shoulder or off-the-shoulder styles are sexy yet feminine – make sure the fabric is soft enough. By wearing your top loose and over your trousers you are not only effectively hiding a full tummy but also creating a relaxed look. Brenda’s straight leg jean style is much more flattering than a flared style.


“My makeover has been a journey into self-discovery, a reminder that you can do whatever you want to do. It has given me the confidence to grab opportunities as they come my way and run with them. – Brenda.”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Graham from The Palladium Hair Company

Makeup Artist Angie Boschoff using products from Revlon

Clothing from 36 Boutiques

Accessories from 36 Boutiques

Photography by David Briers

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