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A positive first impression
Confident choices for colour and style
Hair and beauty grooming guidelines
Decoding the various dress codes
Essential etiquette principles
Valuable presentation skills
The power of personal branding
Key strategies for managing sleep

Chata is the author of four best-selling books. FIRST IMPRESSIONS, Chata’s fifth book, is an inspirational 243-page style, grooming and etiquette guide for the working woman.

This treasury of valuable advice is packed with practical day-to-day guidelines on how to prepare yourself for your workplace (from smart to casual, and every dress code in between).

Chata’s gorgeously practical book is also a visual feast and features more than 350 photographs.

Excellent value at R450! Transform your image into a confident first impression today.

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Wonderful transformations from caterpillars to beautiful, soaring butterflies! I’m amazed at how Chata captures a person’s natural beauty, making it so much easier for us to relate.” ~ Anna Martinez

A positive tonic for building women up, from mum-on-the-run to corporate executive. Chata’s sincere style of writing is informative, uplifting and empowering.” ~ Wendy Hind

Another winner from one of my favourite authors! I just LOVED the dress codes chapter – who knew that you could dress the same item up and down. This was a most informative book.” ~ Erika Swanepoel

A gorgeous book packed with brilliantly practical advice on how to present yourself in an authentic and glamorous way. Thank you for a truly inspiring and empowering guide for all women.” ~ Robyn Riskowitz

I bought your book with mixed emotions. I thought it was going to be full of beautiful women I couldn’t relate to. It was the complete opposite! You made me feel that it’s okay being me.” ~ Sandy Miller