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Soft Skin Tone

Stacey’s bold black hair colour needed a bit of vibrancy, so we chose to add warmth by giving her an edgy style and cropping her layered fringe and styling her traditional bob with a slightly longer left side. Her stunning eyes needed to be shown off, so we used a charcoal eye shadow and applied the charcoal eye pencil on the outer edge of the eye that really made her eyes appear big and vibrant. The aqua blue v-neck tunic picked up her beautiful green eyes and added softness to those trendy locks.


“A great experience and a nice way of changing your look. – Stacey”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Stephen Vos from Shockwaves using L’Oréal Black

Makeup Artist Loanda Blewett using Clarins products

Clothing from Vibes

Photography Loanda Blewett

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