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Medium Skin Tone

Leigh’s red hair was lightened and brightened to a glistening copper with gold highlights. The natural curl was styled by shaping tendrils to frame her face. A light foundation was applied, so her natural freckles weren’t hidden. Leigh has narrow shoulders with wider hips, of which she is conscious. She didn’t want to cover up with jackets; she thought of them as too smart or too frumpy. It was the perfect opportunity for us to show her how a jacket can look casual and smart at the same time. The red leather jacket, rather than a black one, achieved a funkier look. The longer length covered her hips. The shaped corset accentuated her high, full bust.


“What a huge change a little effort can make and I’ll certainly be trying harder from now on! – Leigh”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Paul Jackson

Makeup Artist Lara Whitehead using products from Elizabeth Arden

Clothing from Truworths

Accessories from Woolworths

Photography by Micky Hoyle

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