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It is amazing how dramatically different you can look with a few little tweaks. We didn’t colour Michelle’s hair. We didn’t change her hairstyle (just a slight trim). You will notice that we changed her parting from a middle parting to a side parting, which softened her features. We spent time choosing the correct foundation for Michelle’s ruddy (red) skin tone. We used a lip pencil, just on the outside of her natural lip line, to make her lips appear fuller, then completely filled in her lips. A small amount of powder, patted on top of the lipstick, will ensure longevity. A beautiful black sequined top with sexy hooped earrings completed Michelle’s magical makeover.



“The response from friends and family has been fantastic!!! – Michelle”

Makeover Consultant:Ā Chata Romano

Assistant Stylist

HairdresserĀ Lunatic Fringe using Lā€™OrĆ©al Majirel Colour and finishing products by KĆ©rastase and L’OrĆ©al Professionnel

Makeup Artist Bianca Bryne using products by Clarins, Mac and Makeup Forever

ClothingĀ from Truworths

AccessoriesĀ from Accessorize

Photography Francois Booyens

On LocationĀ