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Chata answers your fashion question

Q:¬†I have no idea how to choose the shape of my glasses! Whenever I take them off to clean, people always say how different I look. Any tips for me please? Karen¬†‚ÄstManchester, UK

A:¬†This is a fabulous guideline: The frame of your glasses should sit on the bone that surrounds your entire eye socket, including the natural shape of your eyebrows. This guideline will automatically establish the correct frame for your glasses ‚Äď for reading glasses, sunglasses, etc. It is advisable not to follow the overall shape of your face i.e.: if you have a round face shape and you wear round glasses your face will look even rounder. Opt for frameless glasses if you have dark circles under your eyes, the dark frames will only accentuate the dark circles!

The answer to this Q&A was provided by Chata Romano

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