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Chata Romano Image Consultant, Kande Frowen, answers your fashion question

Q: I never know if I should wear a narrow belt or a wide belt. How do I work this out? – Linda, Australia

A: A general style rule, according to the Chata Romano Style Principles, is the following belt formula: Take the measurement from below your bust to your natural waistline then deduct 5cm. This will give you the maximum width your belt can be. I.e.: If the measurement, from under your bust to your waist, is only 5cm (or less) don’t wear a wide belt. If it is more than 5cm and you have a full tummy or wide hips I would suggest that you avoid wearing belts altogether. If it is 5cm, or more, and you have a good figure then all good!

The answer to this fashion Q&A was provided by Chata Romano Image Consultant Kande Frowen

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