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How Many are Too Many Shoes?

Chata answers your fashion question

Q: I can never decide how much money to spend on a pair of shoes. And how many shoes should one own? Any guidelines? Sam – South Africa

A: Never compromise on the quality of your shoes if you want them to last. Don’t spend an astronomical amount of money on every single pair of shoes you buy, but every once in a while you should spoil yourself. If the thought of spending a lot on a highly fashionable shoe seems indulgent, opt for a classic moccasin or flat, strappy sandal in a neutral tone. As to how many shoes one should own? In all honesty there is no limit but, practically, one should always shop for one’s lifestyle ie: if you’re a Mom at home then a wardrobe full of smart shoes just isn’t practical. If you’re a working woman then a wardrobe full of casual shoes just isn’t practical. Shop according to your lifestyle!

The answer to this fashion Q&A was provided by Chata Romano

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