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Q: I love the lighter / darker tones of hair colours that are fashionable at the moment. I have very long hair, will it work for me? Jackie, SA

A: The colouring technique you are referring to is called Ombre; it is very on-trend (and absolutely gorgeous!). Make sure your hairdresser selects the right colours for your skin tone; you want the end result to look very natural, with all the colours blending in perfectly. Your hairdresser should start with a dark base that blends into the medium base, that blends into the light base – this is the best technique. It is also very important, upfront, to decide how much of your hair you want to be very light – establish this overall percentage with your hairdresser before they start this process.

The answer to this hair Q&A was provided by Lana from Lunatic Fringe 011 783 4280 or 084 206 7224.

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