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Wendy Hind answers your fashion question

Q: It is so hot where I live. I love to wear shorts but I feel frumpy, not at all well groomed. Please help! Virginia – Durban, South Africa

A: Short shorts should only be worn if your legs allow you to wear them i.e.: you must have good thighs, knees, calves and ankles. If so you have the green light! Dress up your outfit with funky bangles, a belt with a gorgeous buckle, a stunning bag or some sexy heels (flat or high). Add a light summer jacket if need be and walk out the door feeling fashionable and well groomed. If your thighs don’t allow you to wear short shorts opt for a knee length instead, provided your calves and ankles are good. Shorts can also be worn for an evening out on the town with a stunning evening top.

The answer to this Q&A was provided by Chata Romano Image Consultant Wendy Hind

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