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We’ve chosen our top winter trends and we are delighted to report that they are looking FABulous!

When it comes to shopping for a new season, and updating your wardrobe with the key elements, it’s important to get some expert insight. We trust you enjoy our series of winter trends – a series of gorgeous fashion, combined with practical tips, on how to make these must-have trends work best for your skin tone, body shape and lifestyle.

This week we showcase the following five trends: Blissful Blue, Gorgeous Green, Spicy Mustard, Midnight Blue Velvet and Winter White.


Blue transcends serenity and calmness. It projects a blissful air of tranquillity and weightlessness. Wear it this winter season with pure confidence! Be super-hot (even when it’s cold outside) and combine different textures like lace, satin and sensual silk with fake fur collars and fabrics that shimmer and sparkle. Blue is also irresistible in warm wools and velvet textures. What’s more, you can mix and match blue with other tones of blues like royal or navy – and, of course, with other basics such as stone, caramel, grey or black. Remember to wear the shade of blue that best suits your skin tone – refer to your Chata Romano Colour Chart. Whether you wear blue dressed up or down, in plain or textured fabrics or as a statement piece of jewellery enjoy these breezy few months knowing you will look super stylish!

This trend was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Rita Els


Green, Pantone’s colour of the year for Winter 2017, takes centre stage this season. Green is the colour of life, surrounding us in nature – a refreshing and revitalizing shade, the symbol of new beginnings. We love green co-ordinated with other shades of green from grass green to emerald green; from jade to bottle green; there’s a shade for all skin tones – Soft, Medium, Deep and Rich. Head-to-toe green flatters redheads and brunettes; blondes should break the colour, wearing either a top or bottom, with other basic colours. If green, as an item of clothing, doesn’t appeal to you then introduce it, as an accessory, into your wardrobe and be fashionably on-trend this winter season.

This trend was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Karyn Lindes


Most women shy away from mustard, and if you have a Soft (pale and fair) or Medium (golden and sun-kissed) skin tone, you are quite right to do so as mustard isn’t on your colour chart. If you, however, have a Deep (olive, light dark, Mediterranean) or Rich (dark black) skin tone we encourage you to embrace this gorgeous, rich and vibrant colour. As you can see from the story board mustard can be worn 24-7; from formal to casual! Our preferred colour combination this winter season is to wear mustard with grey; an unusual combination, but a true head-turner!

This trend was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Monica Groome


Midnight blue velvet is ruling the runway as one of the hot fashion trends this winter. This luxurious fabric was reserved for evening wear only, but this season it’s been worn during the day as well. From coats and smart jackets to hoodies and casual bomber jackets to elegant tops to sensual slip dresses. This said velvet is, without question, still an all-time favourite for eveningwear! This plush fabric lends itself to brocade so perfectly and co-ordinates effortlessly with soft textures, like silk. Opt for statement accessories, for day or night. You can’t go wrong with this colour – regal midnight blue suits all skin tones. Add some ‘va va va velvet’ to your wardrobe this winter and look gorgeously on-trend!

This trend was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Wendy Hind


Monochromatic winter white is a must-have winter trend! Winter white isn’t as stark as white, it is an off-white i.e. a shade warmer than white. Overall it is a divine colour that suits all skin tones, from Soft to Medium, Deep to Rich. Women find any shade of white challenging as it tends to show off every figure concern; generally speaking you should only wear white, from head-to-toe if you have a petite body shape. We believe every rule can be broken, it just depends on how you break it : ) If you have a fuller body shape you can definitely wear white on the top half of your body but we suggest you wear it with a basic colour on the bottom half of your body. Enjoy!

This trend was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Alia Motani

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