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Stylish statements, from clothing to accessories, get a new-season to update and to love. From formal to casual this fabulous trend is reworked in modern metallics and neutrals, adorned with chains and buckles, with printed or studded elements.

Statement pieces add instant glamour to any outfit – from a formal dress to a pair of casual jeans – and from head to toe whether it is a statement necklace, a statement earring, a statement bag or a statement shoe. Either way rejoice in making a stylish statement this summer season!

To make sure you look the part you need to consider your overall body proportion so here are some wonderfully practical tips:

  • Earring statements: If you have an oval face shape you can enjoy this stylish bolder statement. If you have a shorter square or round face shape opt for classic earrings instead
  • Neck statements: If you have a long or balanced neck you can wear any statement necklace, be it a short, medium or long length necklace. If you have a short neck opt for the medium or long length, avoid a choker as it will make your short neck look even shorter
  • Arm statements: If you have long or balanced arms you can wear any statement bracelet or watch. Avoid these if you have short arms, opt for slimmer styles instead
  • Hand statements: If you have balanced or long hands and long fingers, you can wear statement rings. Avoid this trend if you have short hands and short fingers
  • Bag statements: A good guideline is to choose a bag that is not wider than the width of your body, from the side
  • Combined statements: To combine multiple statement items in one outfit ensure that all the items are well co-ordinated in terms of colour and style

The perfect statement accessory will take your ordinary outfit to extraordinary – enjoy!

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