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Nothing says summer like the colour yellow, it’s bright, vibrant, fresh and one of the biggest colour trends this season!

Most people shy away from this happy colour, but the trick is to choose the right shade of yellow for your skin tone. If you have a Soft skin tone (extremely pale and fair – think Nicole Kidman) then opt for a softer, lighter shade of yellow. If you have a Medium skin tone (golden – think Jennifer Aniston) then opt for a brighter shade of yellow. If you have a Deep or Rich skin tone (lighter darker and darker skin tones – think Halle Berry and Oprah) then opt for a darker shade of yellow. For more about the best colour to suit your skin tone please click here.

Yellow is an amazingly versatile colour and, if styled correctly, works 24/7 – from the office to the weekend, from day to night. If wearing yellow from head-to-toe is too much for you start by introducing small percentages – like a yellow top with a basic suit in black, navy, stone, grey or white. Or as accessory – a scarf, necklace, bag or shoe. Wear a touch of yellow and still benefit from this sunny colour.

When accessorising this warm colour it makes perfect sense to choose warm accessories such as gold, tan or bronze.

Add yellow to your summer wardrobe and reign happiness this summer season.

This trend was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Tanya van der Merwe

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