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A fabulous day spent shopping for a fabulous client! Cheryl, 49, is an Administrator and Mom. She has a Medium skin tone and a casual / smart lifestyle.

We purchased 10 items (see below list) with a gorgeous range of accessories. These 10 items, co-ordinated with my x 3 principle, created 34 completely different outfits! A few items really can go a looooong way : )

TOPS: White, orange, black, turquoise, purple and animal print

BOTTOMS: Black skirt, stone pants, orange jeans and denim shorts

ACCESSORIES: Scarves (animal print, spotted and abstract design); Earrings (gold hoops, silver hoops); Necklaces (silver long chain, gold long chain, natural beaded and blue / green beads) Bracelets (gold); Bags (orange, stone and black) and Shoes (gold sandals, animal printed flats, black wedges and zebra stacked heel).

TwentyFour TwentyFive One Two ThirtyFive ThirtyThree Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten TwentySix Eleven ThirtyFour Twelve ThirtyTwo Thirteen21 Fifteen Sixteen  Seventeen Twentynine Eighteen27 ThirtyOne One TwentyOne Thirty TwentyTwo TwentySeven TwentyThree

All items purchased from Woolworths, Sandton City.

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