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Want to look smouldering hot in the middle of winter? Then flaunt brown – from smart to casual, and everything in-between with winter trends: the beauty of brown.

Brown needn’t be predictable, and it certainly needn’t be boring. Brown can be elegant, stylish, playful and oh-so-sexy. The beauty of brown is its versatility; it can be worn by all skin tones from Soft (pale and fair) to Medium (golden) to Deep or Rich (a lighter to darker skin tone). Co-ordinate with both warm colours (yellow, orange, red, purple) and cool colours (blues and greens). You will be surprised by fabulous results.

We love the idea of wearing different shades of brown in the same outfit. Using lighter and darker shades of brown creates the element of interest. For added glamour opt for mixing different textures, like silk with wool, or leather with lace. Accessorize using brighter colours for added appeal.

We invite you to embrace your individuality with the sensational shade of brown this winter season.

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