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Pretty peplum

As a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Stone and Kim Kardashian, it’s the shape of the season, and the peplum is a must-have look that’s easily mastered.

The peplum works on most shapes and refers to a ruffle or frill that flips out from a jacket or top or is an addition to a fitted dress.Utterly feminine, the peplum creates a beautiful curve that can either enhance a slim frame or camouflage a fuller frame. This style suits women who have very slim hips, the peplum gives the body more shape. It also suits women who have fuller hips, the peplum conceals the width of the hip – but this body shape cannot have a tummy i.e.: from the side the peplum will accentuate the tummy. Find the peplum shape on anything from a pencil skirt, jacket, dress or top. To get the look spot on, make sure you add polished items to your peplum piece that make the most of its feminine silhouette – think tailored trousers, a slim skirt, classic top or skinny jeans.

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