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Fashion’s infatuation with florals is a long-standing affair. From dandelions, chrysanthemums, daisies, freesias to everlasting roses – there is a blooming beautiful choice for everyone.

Traditional floral prints get a modern twist with gorgeous detailed embroidery options that work at the office, on the dance floor or over coffee with friends on the weekends.

Wear this stunning trend from head-to-toe! If this is too much for you then choose single items like a floral top with a plain bottom, or a plain top with a floral bottom. If this is still too much for you then opt for a plain outfit and choose a floral print accessory such as a scarf, a bag or a shoe.

Here is a great style tip: Irrelevant of your height or weight always make sure that your floral print is never bigger than the overall size of your fist. This will ensure that the overall proportions of the print complements the overall proportions of your height and frame.

Wear your eye-popping bouquet of flowers with confidence to ensure that all the blooms in your wardrobe stay fresh without wilting the entire season!

This trend was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Erika Swanepoel

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