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Lush Pink, Summer Pink, Fiesta Pink, Cerise and Fuchsia! Pink is the colour of the moment! Wear it confidently from top-to-toe if your personality allows you to. Or choose elements of this gorgeous hue to complement your outfit – a necklace, bag, sarong, sandal, etc.

Be sure to know what shade of pink suits you best. If you have a Soft skin tone (pale and fair) you will look best in a paler shade of pink. If you have a Medium skin tone (golden) brighter pinks will suit you. A Deep skin tone (olive, light brown or light black) looks fantastic in deeper bold shades of pink and a Rich skin tone (dark brown to dark black) radiates in rich intense raspberry shades. For more about the best colour to suit your skin tone please click here.

Top tip: Should you blush easily, or have a rosy skin tone, avoid all shades of pink closest to your face, as these will only accentuate the rosiness of your skin.

So whether it is English Berry, Summer Poppy or Cosmos Flower, think pink and declare your feminine empowerment with a nod to the catwalk to this season!

This trend was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Wendy Hind

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