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YOU need to wear the coat; the coat mustn’t wear you! By Chata Romano Image Consultant, Leandra Roelofsz

What is the most crucial point to remember when investing in a coat? The correct lengths and proportions, for your height! Only very tall women can wear coats to the floor; for everyone else it is best to wear your coats at thigh or knee length.

Short, petite women should focus on ‘North-to-South’ lines i.e.: avoid double-breasted coats and very wide collars; opt for single-breasted coats and standard collars to make you look taller.

Tall women, who want to look shorter, should belt their coats with contrasting or wide belts. Another fabulous tip is to choose double-breasted coats and wide collars; this will create a ‘West-to-East’ line making you look shorter.

As a first purchase, invest in a neutral coat e.g. black, French navy, grey, winter white or a rich chocolate brown. Choose a simple design with as little detail as possible in order for you to accessorize with brooches, scarves, faux fur collars and belts – making your coat as versatile as possible!

If you have covered the neutral options, buy a coat in a fashionable colour or stylish print. These brighter, more elaborate coats, can’t be worn as often as your classic basics, but they will certainly add sunshine to a breezy day!

Try the following tips and wear the same coat in a variety of ways:

  • For the office: Add a shift dress with opaque stockings and heels (preferably closed court shoes)
  • For an evening out on the town: Add a glitzy, sequined top, pencil skirt and heels
  • For a day at the races or a wedding: Add a beautiful hat, printed scarf and thigh high boots or stunning heels
  • For an afternoon with friends: Add a fun T-shirt with shorts (if your legs allow you to), opaque stockings in same colour as your shorts and knee high boots. If shorts don’t work for you swop out for leggings

I hope you enjoyed these tips – stay stylishly toasty throughout winter!

This blog was brought to you by Chata Romano Image Consultant Leandra Roelofsz

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