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Meet our golden girls

golden-girls- chata romano

Pictured above – clockwise from left: Rose, 25, Intern for United Nations; Karen, 30, Businesswoman; Lizel, 18, Student; Claudene, 35, Chemical Engineer; Marinda, 26, Waitress.

We give joy to one of the most beautiful colours in the world! Gold is a precious metal, the gift of kings and queens; the symbol of riches.

Gold has so many positive associations: “the gold standard”, “the Midas touch”, “good as gold”, “a gold star”; it is a very happy colour, linked with good times and good fortune. Gold denotes luxury and adds a sense of occasion to an outfit. When you wear gold, you will be noticed. It’s no wonder it’s such a favourite for red carpet occasions: at once regal and soft, there’s a shade of gold to suit any woman. From the palest straw gold to rich, glossy hues, you can find a shade to suit your skin tone.

Gold is uplifting and luxurious. It brings warmth and light to any skin tone. Look at the colours of India – those intense pinks and rich turmeric colours are beautifully enhanced with accents of rich gold. For high impact, nothing beats head-to-toe gold: you’ll shimmer like the sun in sequins, satin, lurex or metallic leather. However, every day wear calls for more moderation. Use gold as a rich accent. It adds an elegant edge to black, but it also goes brilliantly with deep blue and navy shades and the Chinese have long paired it with strong red – a really uplifting combination for times of celebration.

If you fear that gold can look “too much”, just treat it like any intense colour and use it as a glamorous accent. Gold jewellery is simple and classic and a great investment. Gold will always be in fashion!


“Today I learnt that anything is possible. I had a tremendous amount of fun; I loved each and every second. I felt like a princess and loved being pampered and spoilt.”

Dress from Spero Villioti; Earrings from Good Times.


“I was excited yet very apprehensive in the days leading up the shoot, I really didn’t know what to expect. In the end I had fun and would do it again at the drop of a hat.”

Trench Coat from Jo Borkett; Earrings from Truworths.


“What a great experience! I never realized so much focus and attention to detail goes into a shoot. It was a revelation to me, what a privilege to be part of your vision.”

Top from Truworths; Earrings and bracelet from Accessorize; Jeans models own.


“Today was a turning point in my life, in more ways than one. I never thought I would have the confidence to be in front of the camera, but everyone made me feel so relaxed.”

Dress from Jenni Button; Earrings from Truworths.


“From the second I arrived I knew I was part of something very special. This is the best shoot I have ever done, Glamorous Reality really does rock!!! Your team turned super women into Super Models, what an inspiration to all of us.”

Costume from Foxy.

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