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Alia Motani

Image Consultant

Are you in a style rut? Do you need a boost of self-confidence? Invest in yourself by letting me help you become an effortlessly stylish woman! Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a woman can have. My passion is to inspire and empower you to look and feel your best every single day.

Corporate and Individual - for women and men
Options: Personal Consultations, Group Consultations, Shopping Appointments and Workshops

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082 783 6609 | Book Alia Motani
Pretoria, Gauteng, travels to Johannesburg

“Alia has a very warm and kind personality. I was extremely happy with every aspect of my consultation and feel very positive about myself.” – Precious Nkonde

“Alia very quickly understood my personality so she was able to help me be creative with my wardrobe.” – Zeenat Essa

“Wow, what an amazing experience! Thank you Alia for teaching me how to dress for my individual body shape. I feel so much more confident and inspired after my consultation.” – Sharon Nthabane

“Alia has given me a new lease on life!” – Zubeida Motani

“I found Alia extremely honest in her assessment of me; I have, therefore, developed a trust in her management of my image. She understands my need for external manifestation of the positivity I have recently been lacking. I was extremely satisfied and will maintain the relationship developed over the consultation.” – Razia Alli