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What does being an image consultant mean to you?

Willene Sieberhagen, our fabulous Ambassador and Senior Image Consultant shares her thoughts.

So many things but mainly allows me to work in my zone of genius as a confidence catalyst, enabling not just amazing appearance transformations but also hugely beneficial and much needed mindset and internal shifts.

The transformation from the OUTSIDE includes:

  • Saving you time knowing what to wear or buy; no more getting side-tracked by the pretty things you see online or store window
  • Saving money with a smart shopping plan and permission to invest wisely in your self-esteem and therefore your future
  • A perfectly merchandised functional wardrobe, each item complementing your lifestyle and body shape in a colour that exudes confidence and personality
  • Creating MORE with LESS by learning how to mix and match clothing items to create multiple Pinterest worthy outfits using only a few items
  • Knowing how to and why accessories are so important in building an outfit
  • Experiencing a complete image solution incorporating effortless style, elegant make-up and hairstyle recommendations = packaging your brand
  • You start attracting more positive attention, which could lead to love interests, respect at work, a positive parenting connection, etc!!!

The transformation from the INSIDE includes:

  • Setting yourself free from fashion fads or undesired social influence because you only do YOU – eliminating the comparison trap becomes a new way of life
  • Clearing your confidence blocks that has always held you back – no more hearing your mom say that your legs aren’t made for shorts…
  • Silencing that inner critic enabling you to focus on reaching your career and personal goals, even when building your new stylish wardrobe
  • Understanding the power of perception and how you can influence by appearance and body language
  • Feeling happy, authentic and grounded, not only in style but in life as the person you are meant to be!

I have been a certified Chata Romano Image Consultant since 2009. One of the proudest moments in my life is when I was promoted to Senior Image Consultant status then to Ambassador status, the highest designation within the Chata Romano brand, in 2010.

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