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After chatting to her girlfriends, browsing Chata’s website and discovering Glamorous Reality, Nicolene Jordaan is swapping her comfy khakis for a whole new look! Here is her fabulous letter to us.

I have to admit I didn’t know who Chata Romano was until I was hinting about my desperate need for a makeover and my friends suggested Chata Romano.

We live in a very small town in the Northern Cape, called Kakamas, and we are shut off from the world so we get very comfortable with how we look and what we wear. It seems most of us get stuck in a comfort zone, looking the same day in and day out. Take me for example: I am sitting behind my office desk at the Guesthouse where I work wearing a warm Khaki fleece top and a green scarf for some colour but it’s doing absolutely nothing for my self-esteem.

Feeling motivated after chatting to my friends I decided to search Chata Romano on the internet and “Voila!”; a whole new world opened for me. I felt so inspired viewing Chata’s website – page after page I could see what could be done; not only to make us look good but to make us feel good about ourselves. Chata’s website showed me that we deserve to look good and this made me realise that we are allowed to redo our hair and put on some lipstick in order to make us feel special again.

I’ve now made an appointment with a hairdresser and I have taken some time off work all in the pursuit of a brand new wardrobe (and a brand new me). I feel so much better knowing that small steps can result in a big change and I encourage all women to do the same – you are so worth it. I speak from my heart when I say thank you to Chata and her wonderful team for showing us what can be done.

Nicolene Jordaan – Kakamas, South Africa

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