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Have you ever wondered what it takes to transform people from all walks of life into polished, confident and stylish individuals? We asked Chata Romano Senior Image Consultant and Corporate Brand Ambassador Wendy Hind to give us a glimpse into this magical world. By Lucille Strauss

Celebrating 10 years as part of the Chata Romano brand, Wendy Hind is a corporate expert who loves nothing more than the immense job satisfaction she gets when working with a business client. “Coming from a 9 – 5 background I thrive on working with my corporate clients – from building and implementing a dress code policy to personal branding and motivational workshops,” says Wendy. She really does it all, and also counts personal consultations and experiencing that one-on-one makeover process with each client as something very special.

As someone who is passionate about empowering women to look and feel better about themselves, Wendy’s business philosophy is based on “what you put in is what you’ll get out”. This noble mind-set, and the fact that Wendy has the utmost admiration for the Chata Romano brand, is key in how she approaches her consultations. When we asked her about an encouraging client experience she shared: “My most recent client sent me this sms: Consulting with you has been the best thing I’ve done in a long time. When you have the ability to positively impact and change someone’s life – what can be more rewarding?”

The Chata Romano philosophy of “How you look is how you feel” is engraved in Wendy’s professional and personal life, and she loves the brand and what it stands for so much that she makes it her business to do it proud. She is also planning on taking this philosophy into 2016 and sees this coming year as her chance to “take up more opportunities, learn more, laugh more, love more, style some more, shop some more, and above all be an all-round inspirational, motivational and exceptional Ambassador to the Chata Romano brand.” With such a vibrant personality, a commitment to women and a sharp business mind, Wendy is not only an ambassador in her career, but also in her life.

Wendy’s Style Icon: Kate Middleton
Wendy’s top 5 fashion items: Leopard print scarf, leather handbag, white top, dark denim and underwear that fit perfectly.
Wendy’s style in 3 words: professional, polished and practical

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