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What does being an image consultant mean to you?

Alia Motani, our fabulous Senior Image Consultant shares her thoughts.

I love making people feel good about themselves. I’m also a typical Aquarius who’s rooted in teamwork, collaboration and feels determined to make a powerful difference in the world. I know what it feels like not to feel good and confident in myself, but I’ve always strived to be the very best Alia I can be.

In today’s fast-paced world there is so much stress on women to be perfect. We need to have a high-flying career, take care of our families, have an amazing body, and look beautiful – all at the same time.

Making a good first impression, be it professional or personal can be very stressful. Everyone wants to create a powerful personal image that everyone likes and can relate to.

I’m passionate about mentoring my clients from various backgrounds on how to project a positive first impression.

I specialize in evaluating and enhancing my clients own unique personal style, boosting their confidence through personal tailor-made consultations and bringing out the very best in themselves.

My heartfelt mission is to teach women not to hold themselves to unreal standards. Nobody is perfect! All you should strive for is a better version of yourself. And I take great joy in walking this exciting and stylish path with them.

I have been a certified Chata Romano Image Consultant since 2015, and one of the proudest moments in my life is when I was promoted to Senior Image Consultant status in 2019.

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