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What does being an image consultant mean to you?

Erika Swanepoel, our fabulous Senior Image Consultant shares her thoughts.

There are so many women, throughout the world, that say, “I have lots of clothes in my wardrobe, yet I don’t know what to wear”.

This is where I step in and take you on the exciting journey of discovering your best colours and styles, for your unique features.

The end-result will enable you to fall in love with yourself, and your wardrobe, all over again. This empowerment, and new-found knowledge, will save you so much time and money. I have seen, first-hand, the investment in knowing what works for you, and why.

Whatever your lifestyle is, be it professional or relaxed, you can look polished and well-groomed. I truly believe that all women can look and feel beautiful, because we are all created unique. There is so much potential to brighten the world around you, and to celebrate who you are.

I wake up every day grateful that I am an Image Consultant. Grateful that I have the training and the skills to help and empower women.

I have been a certified Chata Romano Image Consultant since 2015. These past 8 years have brought me so much joy and I celebrate the positive impact I see in every single one of my clients.

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