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She runs up and down a summery hill of the playground next to my house. I watch her with wonder and a slight pang of wistfulness.

Dressed in a neon pink tutu splashed with tiny hearts and lots of sequins, a pair of purple leggings showing off must-have bows on the sides, a duo of dazzling rainbow pumps and lace socks all topped off with a ditsy floral printed t-shirt. The ribbons in her hair dance as she twirls her tutu in the shadow of the swings. Her multitude of plastic bangles dangle off her tiny arms like fairy treasure and magically creates a melody to this little girl’s wanton way of dressing.

You may wonder why this innocent moment leaves me just a little sad?

It makes me yearn for a time when we all dressed in what we really really wanted to wear. Regardless of our shapes, our occasions, our jobs, our dress codes. When we matched pink and purple and red and piled on rings and Alice bands and adventure. When it was all about our favourites instead of other people’s favourites. But how do we rekindle that frivolity, break our grownup boundaries and watch our tutus twirl in the breeze? Next time you open your wardrobe and robotically grab the black blazer, turn to that pigtailed girl you once were and add a little colour, maybe a print or even a few bangles and you might remember a time when dressing was all about you.

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