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Chata Romano Senior Image Consultant and Corporate Brand Ambassador Willene Sieberhagen’s secret to success is based on the simplicity of balance. She puts passion and business on an equal playing field and knows the one doesn’t work without the other. By Lucille Strauss

As a young woman Willene’s love for the fashion and beauty industry was obvious, but before she had the chance to make her passion her career, she found herself in a corporate career feeling uninspired and unhappy. Something had to change, so Willene made the jump and is now celebrating 5 exciting years with the Chata Romano Team. This vigour translates in the way she interacts with her clients, how she brings out their true personalities and really listens to their stories. “As a Chata Romano Consultant, I instinctively observe someone’s style, hear their motivation, try and figure out how they think and build their relationships. Opening up a woman’s wardrobe tells her life story! But it’s my job to build new memories and get rid of excess that’s weighing the client down.”

Willene works with various people on a daily basis, but it was a consultation with a brave, humble man that she fondly recalls as one of her most inspiring sessions: “I was contacted by a gentleman who lost his wife to cancer. He cared for her for many years and never paid attention to his image as his wife always shopped for him. He had no idea where to start. So we sorted his existing wardrobe and then went shopping. I admired his courage to ask for assistance, allowing me into a very private space in his home as well as glimpses of what was going on in his heart.”

Willene’s love for what she does is endearing, authentic and totally supported by what the Chata Romano brand stands for – “being associated with this fabulous brand has raised the standard of everything I do.” When asked what she has up her fashionable sleeve for 2015 she replied, “After having a beautiful, gorgeous baby in 2014 I am ready to swap diaper bags for designer bags and reconnect with clients, corporates and my career.”

Willene’s top 5 fashion items: Denim jacket, stone trench coat, black knee high boots, animal print blouse, gold hoop earrings.
Willene’s style icon: Marilyn Monroe
Willene’s style advice: An Image Consultation is not a luxury but a necessity.

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