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It was an “aha” moment while paging through a magazine that inspired Chata Romano Senior Consultant and Brand Ambassador Loanda Blewett to make a career change and join the Chata Team – and she’s never looked back. By Lucille Strauss

From a young age Loanda Blewett found a passionate connection to the fashion and beauty industry – she studied Fashion Design, owned a modelling agency and a grooming school. Through her early career she always looked to Chata’s brand for guidance and inspiration and regarded Chata as “a name synonymous with everything to do with Style and that WOW factor!” After seeing a magazine advertisement for Chata Romano Image Consultants, Loanda followed her destiny and applied to Chata’s Training Academy. This was the start of her beautiful, and very successful, career as a Chata Romano Consultant.

We asked Loanda what she loves most about her career and she excitedly shared, “as a Chata Romano Ambassador you get so many opportunities to travel throughout South Africa, neighbouring continents and abroad presenting workshops and consulting with clients. This has truly enriched my life. You are constantly meeting new people and therefore grow on a professional and personal level.”

As an Image Consultant who works with all kinds of people with different personalities and tastes, Loanda has a special touch and a caring nature. “I love inspiring, motivating and encouraging women to be the very best they can be. Some women have been through a difficult time in their lives and they just need a nudge in the right direction and a bit of positive input into their lives so they can feel confident and believe in themselves again,” says Loanda. She wants to empower women with her knowledge and guidance and show them that if you feel great about your appearance, your confidence will shine from within.

Loanda’s business philosophy has been shaped by a combination of her own love of the industry and Chata Romano’s inimitable style and substance. This combination has taken Loanda on an exciting career path and we asked her what we could expect from her for the coming year “I would love to present seasonal workshops to keep clients updated with the latest trends.” Loanda’s bubbly personality and the genuine desire to help other women feel better about themselves is definitely something to look forward to!

Loanda’s style icon: Carolina Herrera.
Loanda’s top 5 fashion items: Leather boots, denim jacket, animal print scarf, stone trench coat, little black dress.
Loanda’s fashion tip: Stick to the Chata Romano style principles and you’ll always have something to wear.

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