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Let your hairstyle work for you

Yes, indeed, the right haircut and the right hair colour can make you look years younger – but few women know that the right side parting and the decision to wear your hair completely loose, or tucked behind your ears, can also melt away the years!

Compare the 1st photo to the 2nd photo:
A middle parting can look very hard, especially if you have a square face shape. Kerry doesn’t have a square face shape, she has an oval face shape, and yet she looks so much softer with a side parting.

Compare the 3rd photo with the 4th photo:
If you have a rounder face shape, or full cheeks, tuck your hair behind your ears – your face shape will look so much slimmer!

Go on, take pictures of yourself and compare the difference – we call this a 1-minute makeover : )

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