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Marlise Du Plessis

Corporate Ambassador / Senior Image Consultant

Do you want to project confidence and style? Let me show you how the correct colour, style and wardrobe solutions can make YOU look and feel your very best. Invest in yourself today and be inspired, energised and enriched!

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Corporate and Individual – for women and men
Options: Personal Consultations, Group Consultations, Shopping Appointments, Makeovers and Workshops

Contact Marlise Du Plessis
082 455 3344 | Book Marlise Du Plessis
Johannesburg, Gauteng, travels to Pretoria.

“Marlise is a passionate, results-driven professional. Her expert advice resulted in successful corporatewear implementation, with empowered, inspired staff.” – Saras Chinsamy – Group Marketing Manager, EnviroServ

“Marlise combines sincere feedback with practical, easy to follow advice to transform your look from ordinary to the extraordinary! Her professional approach, combined with her passion for what she does, sets her apart – she lives the brand!” – Dineshrie Pillay, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

“WOW!!!!!! You’re like my fairy godmother with a magic wand. You’ve given me confidence in my body that I didn't have before. I feel like a movie star, I could conquer the world! Thank you for being so calm, positive and enthusiastic about my makeover. I felt so special and at ease, like the only person in the world for the time I was with you.” – Debbie Meyer

“My makeover was a wonderful, uplifting experience - a milestone in my life that helped me regain confidence in myself. To have a professional, knowledgeable, kind and understanding person leading you in the makeover process is absolutely necessary. Thank you, Marlise - you are all of that!” – Marita van Rensburg

“My consultation and shopping appointment was wonderful – you put me at ease immediately and I never felt intimidated. You’re fun but at the same time very professional – you never judged, yet you were perfectly honest in a very nice and humorous way. You “got” me, and you never tried to make me into someone that I am not. I’m now excited to get dressed in the morning! You truly have found your calling!! You give women confidence, making us happy women, wives and mothers! I hope you know how gifted you are!” – Natalie Maclean

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Marlise Du Plessis's Makeovers: