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Soft Skin Tone

For Sanet, a working single mom of two, a makeover has been her dream.  Following her divorce, she needed to regain her confidence, and wanted her kids to feel proud of her. We opted for a shorter, modern, graduated bob. We used an intense mahogany, with soft highlights. We shaped, and darkened, Sanet’s eyebrows in order to frame her face, then applied eyeshadow tones in order to open up her eyes. Bright clothing colours perfectly complement Sanet’s Soft skin tone.


“A dream come true!!! Marlise, you are a beautiful person; now I know why I waited 20 years to do my makeover… because I had to find YOU! – Sanet”

Makeover by: Marlise Du Plessis

Hairdresser Lana from Lunatic Fringe (011 783 4280) using L’Oreal Majirel and finishing products from Kérastase and L’Oreal Professionnel

Makeup Artist Marlise du Plessis using the following products: Foundation from Kryolan; Blusher from Kryolan; Eye shadow from Kryolan; Eyeliner from Kryolan; Mascara from Maybelline; Lipliner from Palladio; Lipstick from Revlon

Clothing from Queenspark

Accessories from Milady’s and Sass Diva

Photography by Kelly Jane

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