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It is clear that James Saunders, owner, founder and creator of reNU Organic, is both passionate about his business and his product. I discovered this incredible range of organic products recently and just had to share.

I was browsing through the organic product range at a health shop in Sandton City and bought a few products to try and test, one of them being an ANTI-AGING SERUM from reNU Organic Skincare. After using it for just 10 days my skin looked super radiant and felt super soft – it looked as though I had been drinking 10 litres of water every day!

I decided to do some research and called James who suggested I try THE ORGANIC REJUVENATING FACE BALM in conjunction with the ANTI-AGING SERUM; it turned out to be a winning combination. Without getting to technical this combination package is aimed at both nourishing the skin and allowing maximum penetration of powerful antioxidants into areas most affected by aging – i.e. the face, neck and back of hands.

The natural oils in the balm (Shea butter, Jojoba wax, Frankincense essential oil) not only nourish the skin but also soften and preserve it. The serum contains organic grade rejuvenating plant oils, a preserving essential oil (frankincense), antioxidants, (Co-enzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic acid) and gentle exfoliators (Bromelain and Papain). The balm and the serum are rich and application is therefore recommended at night before sleep to harness the skin’s natural healing and regenerative cycle.

The plant oils used in all James’s products, such as Shea Butter, Jojoba wax, Olive oil, sesame seed oil, Marula oil and coconut oil, are also rich in antioxidants as well as having exceptional moisturising and nutritional properties.

The ANTI-AGING SERUM AND ORGANIC REJUVENATING FACE BALM combination is sold for R380. For more information about the stockists or the products please contact James on 082 380 0676 or view

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