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Celebrate Your Age

With one little drop of L’ORÉAL AGE PERFECT INTENSE NUTRITION RE-NOURISH RESTORING SERUM you’ll not only rehydrate your skin you’ll also enjoy a plumped up look and diminished age spots.

This little magic potion is a concentrated blend of nourishing ingredients including Golden Honey, Royal Jelly and extract of Acacia.

Specifically designed for a mature skin, the three-part action plan behind L’ORÉAL AGE PERFECT INTENSE NUTRITION RE-NOURISH RESTORING SERUM is impressive. Firstly a restoring action that uses Pro-Calcium to restore moisture and reinforce the skin’s barrier function. Secondly the hydrating action, enriched with a lipid-replenishing ingredient, nourishes the skin with moisture to help protect it from feeling dry. And lastly a toning action – made up of peptides – that replenishes your skin for a strong, beautiful look.

The serum is easy to use and will effortlessly become part of your daily skin routine.

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