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Kiss me quick

A generous application of a luscious and flirty lipstick inspires colour to your pout, vibrancy to your smile and femininity to your soul.

If you ask women about their favourite lipstick it usually comes with a colourful tale of discovery: how they blended this colour with that shade to create their perfect lipstick or how after many varied palettes they finally met their true match. We encourage you to experiment with different colours; if you rely on just one shade you can easily forget about the wealth of other equally mesmerizing shades waiting to become your next favourites.

The L’Oréal Color Riche Anti-Aging Serum Lipstick range has so many shades to choose from, and with an anti-age serum inside each lipstick specially formulated for an intense colour experience, one in every colour seems like the only option. The lipstick’s hydrating formula incorporates Vitamin E and Omega 3 to intensely hydrate and smooth the lips, and the droplet shaped core draws on the benefits of collagen’s restructuring properties to improve the structure of the lips leaving you with the perfect pout in a knockout shade.

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