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A Career in image consulting

In the past, hiring an image consultant was the privilege of celebrities, politicians and TV personalities. But now, thanks perhaps to the rise in social media popularity, people from all walks of life are conscious of the image they project.

Over the past few years the image consulting industry has grown in remarkable ways. As people become more aware of the importance of making an excellent first impression, they’re increasingly investing in their appearance. and want advice from professionals on how to boost their self-confidence, improve their social standing and increase their job opportunities.

Chata pioneered the Image Consulting business in South Africa, opening the very first Image Consultancy in 1990, followed by the very first Image Consultant Training Academy in 2000. She’s taken her wealth of knowledge, proven systems and overall expertise and translated it into a comprehensive training curriculum that is internationally recognised, practical, visual and interactive.

Love What You Do


Chata personally trains, mentors, supports and markets her certified Image Consultants operating in Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE and the UK. She’s created and owns her Intellectual Property which is trademarked and protected. As a certified image consultunt you will run your own independent business operating under the umbrella of the Chata RomanoTM brand.

The potential financial rewards are lucrative and the emotional rewards are incredibly fulfilling. Quality, not quantity is our motto. It has always been our vision to have a small team of dedicated, passionate and professional consultants. We are not a traditional training academy in that individual attention is paramount to our process and training is only conducted in small groups 3 to 4 times per annum.

Our certified image consultants are actively marketed via ongoing digital campaigns and Chata is always at hand to provide post certification mentoring and support.




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