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Introduction To Chata’s


The Complete Image Solution® is a unique global system that encompasses the individual’s overall image.

Your Best colours

The best colours for your skin tone.

The Chata Romano™ Colour System is based on four skin tones. Soft (pale), Medium (golden), Deep (light dark) and Rich (dark).

Establish your skin tone and feel more confident about changing your hair colour! Make the right makeup decisions! Take the stress out of shopping for clothes!
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Your Best Styles

The perfect styles for your body shape.

The Chata Romano™ Style System is a figure analysis for your individual body; not the traditional, generalized body shapes like pear, hourglass, etc.

Your assets will be showcased, and your concerns camouflaged. The best style solutions will be provided to make you look, and feel, fabulous!
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Your Best Wardrobe

A wardrobe that really works for your lifestyle.

The Chata Romano™ Wardrobe System shows you how to plan a wardrobe to suit you and your lifestyle – from smart to casual!

Chata’s x 3 principle instantly extends the life of each item in your wardrobe – 75 completely different outfits, with only 25 items!
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